Working with LeNae

    Helping you take your power back

    Private coaching sessions with LeNae are focused on supporting highly motivated clients who are dedicated to clearing the illusion of "blocks" and intentionally and deliberately choosing profound change in their lives.


    * Packages are delivered in 60-minute sessions.
    *Sessions may be scheduled in person or via teleconference;
    * Includes 24/7 Email support for duration of your selected package; and
    *Includes access to private and supportive FaceBook group.

    Personal Power Activation Sessions

    Helping you take your power back

    The truth is you have the power to create the life you have always dreamed of. You actually no longer have to be a victim of circumstance or past decisions that did not serve your highest and best interests.


    Together, you and I will:

    - Get crystal clear on what you really desire.

    - Identify why you desire what you desire, what that really means.

    - Understand the why and the how of your desire not showing up for you (yet), and

    - Begin to take inspired action in order to attract it forth.


    I've created the safe space, but I cannot take the next step for you, you have to do that. So, ask yourself the following questions and answer them within the first 3 seconds of posing the question, your intuition is IMMEDIATE, trust it.


    1) Am I ready to invest in myself?

    2) Am I ready to commit to whatever change is necessary to create an amazing life?

    3) Is this opportunity the best fit for me right now?


    If your intuition responded yes to these three questions, then stop over-thinking and second-guessing yourself. The answer is yes and the time is now.




    • "I've signed more business in the past three days than I would normally do in a month...Yea, it's kind of crazy and totally don't really have any idea how that works by Sh*t man, I need to keep this up!"
    • "You have no idea how much you have helped my girlfriend and I." [This couple is now happily married for 3 years].
    • "You're like Yoda."


    If you would like to learn more about how we can partner together to help you shed that which no longer serves you and begin to confidently embrace that which does, let's chat!


    To schedule a time to chat, CLICK HERE and access my calendar.

    Corporate & Private

    Intention Board Creation Workshops

    If you want your team to succeed they must be able to create an intentional vision for that success!


    What do Oprah, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, & Jim Carey have in common, other than being wildly successful?


    They have all mastered the art of visualization and setting intentions to acheive their goals and desires. The best part about that is that if they can do it, so can you!


    You can harness the power of visualization through the creation of your intention board to manifest your optimized health, which is the specific purpose of this workshop, as well as your ideal career, your soul mate, your perfect vacation, new home, etc., your imagination is your only limit!


    In these Workshops, you and your team you will learn:

    • The what, why, & how intention boards "work";
    • How to gain clarity of vision by tying into your intuition;
    • How to determine if particular images and quotes for your board truly resonate with your desired outcome; and
    • The why and the how of adding "NOS" to your intention board for fast and furious manifestation of your desires.
    • "You have really gone above and beyond my expectations."
    • "Could you have more workshops?"
    • [Your workshop] has provided me with the confirmation that I am being guided by God."
    • [I loved] the sense of community and sharing - the supportiveness of the process

    If you would like to schedule a workshop event for your friends and/or team, CLICK HERE to email me.

    Entrepreneur Coaching 101

    Have the entrepreneurial itch but no idea where or how to start?

    In addition to her legal education and experience, LeNae brings over 20 years' experience in small business management, marketing and sales.


    From solo law practices to independent medical practice start-ups, she has helped business owners grow their dream from ground zero into gross sales of 7-figures.


    Topics covered in this coaching program may include but are not limited to:

    • The when, why, & how to register your business.
    • Should you pick solo, S corp, C corp, LLC, LLP and why.
    • Banking, Bookkeeping & Tax preparation - why and how to find professionals you can trust.
    • How to keep the overhead low and the profits high.
    • Time Management & Accountability. 
    • Vendor shopping and negotiations.
    • Building your brand identity and getting clear on your vision and mission - it's not just a plaque on the wall.
    • Sales & Marketing options & guerrilla techniques for the smart & savvy. 
    • Much much more. 

    If you would like more information about working with LeNae contact us!

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