It is time to tune in and take your real power back

    Are you a successful professional, but...

    • You are struggling to scale your business to the next level?
    • You frequently feel paralyzed in non-decision because you're afraid to make the "wrong" one?
    • You are second-guessing yourself after each decision?
    • You are about stressed to the max between trying to balance career goals and family demands?
    • You are unable to see the forest for the trees?
    • Feel like you are just stuck in a rut and don't even know what you really want?

    You may feel alone, but you actually are in good company.


    The majority of my clients are lawyers, doctors, CEOs, engineers, small business owners, actresses, and other executive professionals who, perhaps just like you, by all appearances (including that investment portfolio) are highly successful, but who are silently struggling in an internal prison of self-doubt, stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs, victimization, and/or are still struggle with proving their worth.


    Take Barrett for example,


    Barrett (name changed), by all accounts an amazing and successful physician, husband, and father. But while Ben was a high-paid, highly sought after surgeon in his field, the amount of time and energy required to achieve and maintain that level of professional success, compromised his relationships with his wife and children.


    By the time Barrett reached out to me, his marriage was already terminated and Barrett was extremely angry, blaming everyone but himself for his current situation. After all, he worked hard, made good money and provided a good lifestyle for his family.


    Healing and personal restoration did not happen immediately. In fact, because of Barrett's resistance, it took some time for him to actually become open to shifting his perspective, embracing even the concept of forgiveness, before ever realizing his role and taking personal responsibility.


    Barrett still is a master at his craft, professionally. But now he is also much happier, able to smile and laugh and engage with his children at a level previously unaccessible for him.


    By choosing to work with me, my clients are choosing to show up for themselves in a way they may have never previously done before, and as a result are realizing the following successes:


    • They gain the clarity of vision and confidence required to take the next steps needed to grow their career and/or businesses;
    • They become attuned to and harness their EGS (emotional guidance system) in order to confidently make decisions;
    • They learn the art of successfully mitigating the effects of would-be stressful situations and circumstances - I'm talking eye of the storm-level serenity regardless of what chaos is circling around them;
    • They obtain the harmony they desire in succeeding both at work and at home;
    • They expand their perspective to see beyond the detail in the moment;
    • They attract adventures, romance, and opportunities that they were not previously open to receiving.
    • And so many more awesome and amazing things. 
    Consider Mary...
    Mary (name changed) and her husband are both attorneys and they have a teenage son. Mary's husband works for a firm, while Mary works in private practice from home. The demands of running a private practice from home require a lot. For example, Mary is responsible for networking and marketing her services, converting leads to sales, scheduling appointments, meeting with clients, actually practicing law, preparing and filing relevant documents, she does not have a support team or partners immediately available to assist. Additionally, her scheduling flexibility allows her the ability to drop off and pick up her son from school, we well as run him to and from his events and extracurricular activities. The stress is real and the health and familial relationships can suffer.
    Mary was feeling the pressure when she contacted me about her estranged relationship with her father, whose health was on a serious and rapid decline, and Mary felt alone with one more stressor on top of what she was already managing.
    After a few sessions, Mary felt armed with new tools and strategies designed to help her re-evaluate and shift the approach she had been taking with her father up to that point. Although initially leary about being stuck on a week-long road-trip with him, she contacted me afterwards to tell me that the processes I'd given her were extremely helpful and she actually had a surprisingly pleasant and fun trip with her father.


    My private coaching sessions are focused on supporting the highly motivated client who is ready to show-up for, invest in, and make amazing shifts in all areas of her/his life. As with anything, the results you receive are a reflection of the effort and energy you expend. Because this is a close and confidential partnership arrangement, in which I am committed to providing my undivided time, energy and attention, I expect the same for the clients I choose to partner with.




    "I've signed more business in the past three days than I would normally do in a month...Yea, it's kind of crazy and totally don't really have any idea how that works by Sh*t man, I need to keep this up!" - Jason


    "You have no idea how much you have helped my girlfriend and I." [This couple is now happily married for 3 years]. - Chris


    "You're like Yoda." - Jared


    Presently I have limited openings for 6 month and 12 month packages. If you would like to be considered for one of these openings, please go to my calendar by CLICKING HERE and schedule a convenient time for us to talk for 30 minutes.

    Intention Board Workshops

    If you want to succeed must be able to create an intentional vision for that success!


    What do Oprah, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, & Jim Carey have in common, other than being wildly successful?


    They have all mastered the art of visualization and setting intentions to achieve their goals and desires. The best part about that is that if they can do it, so can you!


    You can harness the power of visualization through the creation of your intention board to manifest your optimized health, which is the specific purpose of this workshop, as well as your ideal career, your soul mate, your perfect vacation, new home, etc., your imagination is your only limit!


    In this workshop, you will learn:

    • The what, why, & how intention boards "work"
    • How to gain clarity of vision by tying into your intuition
    • How to determine if particular images and quotes for your board truly resonate with your desired outcome, and
    • The why and the how of adding "NOS" to your intention board for fast and furious manifestation of your desires.

    "You have really gone above and beyond my expectations."

    "Could you have more workshops?"

    [Your workshop] has provided me with the confirmation that I am being guided by God."

    [I loved] the sense of community and sharing - the supportiveness of the process


    If you would like to schedule a workshop event for your friends and/or team, CLICK HERE to email me.



    The last two ladies who attended my intention board workshop manifested their dream jobs in a tropical beach community in under 6 months.

    Only attend if you are ready to own your dream!

    Entrepreneur Coaching 101

    Have the entrepreneurial itch but no idea where or how to start?

    In addition to my legal education and experience, I have over 20 years' experience in small business management, marketing and sales.


    From solo law practices to independent medical practice start-ups, I've helped business owners grow their dream from ground zero into gross sales of 7-figures.


    Topics covered in this coaching program may include but are not limited to:

    • The when, why, & how to register your business.
    • Should you pick solo, S corp, C corp, LLC, LLP and why.
    • Banking, Bookkeeping & Tax preparation - why and how to find professionals you can trust.
    • How to keep the overhead low and the profits high.
    • Time Management & Accountability. 
    • Vendor shopping and negotiations.
    • Building your brand identity and getting clear on your vision and mission - it's not just a plaque on the wall.
    • Sales & Marketing options & guerrilla techniques for the smart & savvy. 
    • Much much more. 

    If you would like more information about working with LeNae complete the form below.

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