1:1 Consulting Services

    LeNae's individual consulting services are reserved for those who already recognize that what they've always done is getting them same results that they've always gotten, and who are now ready to:

    • Gain crystal clear clarity on what they really want, what brings them joy and serenity.
    • Understand how to identify why they have the desires they have and what to start doing about them. 
    • Clear perceived obstacles and create pathways for easy breezy synchronistic solutions. 
    • Stop second-guessing themselves for good by cultivating inner-knowing, self-trust and discernment.
    • Become confident in the allowance of the changes that must occur for new and better experiences, relationships and abundance to finally show up. 
    You are here because your soul has led you here, but the choice is yours as to whether or not you choose to honor your soul's guidance, or continue walking the same path you have always walked.
    To take the first step in changing your life experience, one that honors your desires, one of ease grace, serenity, and abundance in all areas, simply click the 'Complete Application' button below. Once your application has been accepted, LeNae's team will send you an invoice and schedule your telephone and/or Skype session at a mutually convenient time.
    *Initial 90 Minute Deep Dive Consulting Sessions are $247
    Multiple Session Packages begin at $647
    (Initial session credited to package purchase)

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    If you want to succeed you must be able to create an intentional vision for that success!

    What do Oprah, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, & Jim Carey have in common, other than being wildly successful?


    They have all mastered the art of visualization and setting intentions to achieve their goals and desires. The best part about that is that if they can do it, so can you!


    You can harness the power of visualization through the creation of your intention board to manifest your optimized health, which is the specific purpose of this workshop, as well as your ideal career, your soul mate, your perfect vacation, new home, etc., your imagination is your only limit!


    In this workshop, you will learn:

    • The what, why, & how intention boards "work"
    • How to gain clarity of vision by tying into your intuition
    • How to determine if particular images and quotes for your board truly resonate with your desired outcome, and
    • The why and the how of adding "NOS" to your intention board for fast and furious manifestation of your desires.




    • "You have really gone above and beyond my expectations."
    • "Could you have more workshops?"
    • [Your workshop] has provided me with the confirmation that I am being guided by God."
    • [I loved] the sense of community and sharing - the supportiveness of the process.

    PACKAGES FOR THIS SERVICE BEGIN AT $67 PER PARTICIPATE. CORPORATE PRICING IS AVAILABLE. If you would like to schedule a workshop event for your friends and/or team, CLICK HERE to email LeNae's team to learn more.



    The last few ladies who attended my intention board workshop manifested their dream husband, and their dream jobs in a tropical beach community in under 6 months. Only attend if you are ready to own your dream!

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