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    Client Testimonials

    "I've signed more business in the past three days than I would normally do in a month...Yea, it's kind of crazy and totally don't really have any idea how that works by Sh*t man, I need to keep this up!"

    [Testimony sent 3 days after first session with LeNae]

    Jason - Louisiana

    "Thanks to your mentoring I manifested a $1600.00 sale today!"

    Cathy - Louisiana

    “You probably have no idea how much you have helped my girlfriend and I. She has been so much happier and we are able to move forward in our relationship.”

    Christopher - Florida

    “I have been putting your "Blessing" home play into daily practice and I am starting to see subtle shifts in my marriage.”

    Ashley - Tennessee

    “Thank you so much...you have really helped me in my relationship with my mother.”

    Mallory - Louisiana

    "You are like a Yoda Master."

    Jarrod - Texas

    "You are such an inspiration. I have taken what you taught me and shared it with others."

    Vincent - Louisiana

    "After the Reiki session, I felt more relaxed that I have felt in a long time. In fact, it helped me process a stressful event that occurred later that day."

    Lisa - Louisiana

    "I just have to let you know that I had the most amazing date the other night...I have really been able to open up to allowing and receiving more and more love."

    [Email paraphrased]

    Claire - Louisiana

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