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Rainbows Are Round

Moving past limiting beliefs through faith.

Xander passed away this summer, the sheltie I'd had since 2001. And about 10 days ago, now, I lost my dog, Firefly's Maclaren the Bold, a/k/a Mackey the Menace - he was/is a treasured member of my family. I did not realize how much of my heart I had given to him until he took it and literally ran. 

Dear friends of mine have also "lost" loved ones this year, family members and mates, those who were entrusted with the whole of my friends' hearts. 

In the moment of loss, there are no words comforting enough, there is nothing anyone can say or do sufficient to fill the void that is left when someone we love takes our heart with them when they go. There is only our faith. 

I saw a picture of a rainbow taken from space. The rainbow was perfectly round. It never occurred to me before that a rainbow would be round because all I ever saw was an arch, if even that. But it makes sense that a rainbow would be round and it makes sense that from my LIMITED perspective a rainbow appears to be an arch.

Our view of our reality is limited to our perspective. An eagle has a larger view. An astronaut has a larger view. Source/God/The Intelligent Designer/The Divine has THE largest view.

Now, take that truth and combine it to this: everything is energy and energy never dies. (Check Einstein, Tesla, etc.). Death/loss is an illusion due to our very limited perspective. This is where we are called to initiate and activate our faith. 

In our faith we choose to trust that there is a larger perspective that at the moment we may not be privy to, but that in Truth all is well, our loved ones are well, and in fact are whole and perfect and are now with us in a way they could not be before. 

But it's Christmas and we don't care about any of that. We just want our loved ones back with us. It is perfectly good and okay to feel this way. It is okay to miss those we have lost this year, or years past.

It is okay to be angry, sad, resentful, whatever. It is okay to honor how we feel.

Because when we are ready we will dry our tears, we will look towards the sun, and place our trust in our faith. We will move forward, embracing our life, embracing our loved ones, cherishing each precious moment, and honoring those who are sending their love to us from the other side.

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