• LeNae Goolsby, JD

    Entrepreneur - Bestselling Empowerment Author

    Speaker & Mind-Body-Soul Consultant

    Welcome beautiful soul!


    I am the co-founder of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Centers in Louisiana, as well as what I like to refer as a Personal Power Advocate, meaning I help people identify where they are losing their power and then help them reclaim it once and for all.


    Additionally, I am the bestselling author of:

    • Empower Your Life;
    • Empowered Medicine: Harnessing the laws of the universe for optimized health; and 
    • Seven Sundays to Sweet Inner Serenity: How to cultivate the calm even in the midst of the chaos

    I believe that we are all infinite beings in a body having a physical experience...that we already have the answers we seek, even if they seem to be inaccessible in the moment. There are no gurus, psychics or saviors "out there" with your answers, because you are the creator of your experience, you are your best guru. There are, however, way showers, such as myself, who vibrate at a level that may proffer a beneficial perspective for you if you perceive that you are unable to access due to stress, subconscious block(s), and/or fear.


    I've been married to my husband, Trip, an elite health provider and board certified medical oncologist, for over 15 years, and together for a total of 20. We have three amazing children, Laura (L-Belle), Henry (IV), & Hayden (Huck). We also have a pack of dogs, Mackey, Vesper & Wookie.

  • Ah, Sweet Serenity

    For months, night after night, with a new bottle of Chardonnay in hand each evening, LeNae sat down in front of the television plotting her revenge against those who threatened her family's livelihood, while also ripping her security and joy right out from under her.


    Then one night, like an unexpected smack on the forehead from the universe, LeNae realized she had a choice to make. She could either continue on the path of blame, hate and revenge, or she could make a different choice. Luckily, she chose the latter. Seven Sundays to Sweet Inner Serenity includes each step she took to reclaim her personal power and inner serenity.


    Maybe you're not plotting revenge, but if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, despair, anger, or just trying to hide from the chaos, this is the guidebook your soul is seeking.

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