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    Empowered Medicine is medical motivational mindfulness. This book is written as a guideline to transformation for all those who may (or may not) recognize the role they can have in creating the health they truly desire, regardless of the health that they currently have.

    Reading and using the exercises provided in this book will usher in enhanced abilities to focus on desired outcomes and the means to attain them. It will be a means by which we may all be empowered to not only achieve the health we desire but to activate our imaginations and beliefs to manifest the environment and trappings of that successful health image. It is an important affirmative, mindful, complementary step in the direction of self-realized health, healing, and well-being, harnessing empowered awareness to acquire the long-lasting quality of life and the healing of illness we all deserve.

    Empowered Medicine is for those who are sick of being sick, who are ready to take their healthcare and their personal power back and to a level not previously perceived or experienced in the current mass production reactive medical model. Using a highly successful platform, Empowered Medicine provides the transformational mindfulness that it takes to push past previously held limiting perceptions of health and fitness in order to truly step into optimized health and longevity.


    Seven Sundays to Sweet Inner Serenity provides an experiential journey where mental and emotional vibrations rise and conscious awareness expands. Personal power is reclaimed and peace restored with each chapter and each sweet serenity tip.


    These are the same tips and tools LeNae used to take her personal power back after her financial security felt like it had been ripped out from under her and sent her into a bleak depression with an obsession for revenge.


    If you can relate at all this is a must read!

  • COMING IN 2018!

    I am so excited to have been invited to be one of the contributing authors for Success Works! Additional details to come! Stay tuned!

  • Coming in 2018!

    You will not want to miss the release of this anthology, in which I am one of the contributing authors! Additional details coming soon!

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