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    Wife, Mother, Healthcare Disruptor, Author, Sheltie Lover

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    Introducing LeNae Goolsby: Empowering Health Visionary, Bestselling Author, and Dynamic Speaker


    Prepare to be inspired by the remarkable LeNae Goolsby, a true powerhouse in health optimization and reclamation. Alongside her renowned physician husband, Trip Goolsby, MD, she co-founded the groundbreaking Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, revolutionizing how people approach their health and aging.


    LeNae's mission is to empower individuals to seize control of their health, igniting a transformative journey toward a vibrant and fulfilling life. Through Infinite Health, LeNae and Dr. Goolsby have touched the lives of thousands nationwide, guiding them toward their ideal health image and unlocking newfound happiness.


    As an accomplished author, LeNae has co-authored influential books like "Think and Live Longer," "Woke," "Empower Your Life," and "Empowered Medicine: Harnessing the Laws of the Universe for optimized health." Her guidebook, "Seven Sundays to Sweet Inner Serenity," also chronicles her triumph over a victim mindset, serving as a beacon of hope for readers seeking personal growth.


    LeNae's impact extends far beyond the written word. She has captivated audiences through her presence and perspectives on popular podcasts, graced the stages of women's conferences, and shared her wisdom through insightful articles on prestigious platforms like MindBodyGreen.com, PsychCentral.com, Entrepreneur.com, Brainz Magazine, and more.


    With over two decades of healthcare and business experience, LeNae brings expertise to her speaking engagements, motivating audiences to reclaim control of their lives and well-being.


    Beyond her professional endeavors, LeNae cherishes her role as a loving mother to her three children, aged 31, 17, and 13. She also enjoys co-caring for two adorable shelties and a silky terrier.


    Prepare to be inspired and empowered by LeNae Goolsby, an extraordinary force of nature transforming lives and paving the way for a brighter, healthier future.

    Join LeNae on her journey to empower and optimize lives - visit www.YourInfiniteHealth.com and www.LeNaeGoolsby.com for more information, and be sure to check out her and Trip Goolsby, MD's podcast, Your Infinite Health.


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  • LeNae is a regularly featured expert

    who has been seen in:

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    The Unforget Yourself Show

    LeNae & Trip Goolsby Interview (04/2023)




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    One Minute Podcast with Tamnay Sanap

    Episode #163: Are Referrals Still a Viable Marketing Strategy?

    If you are wondering whether or not referraql marketing is still a vialble business tacktic, wonder no more.


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    Unleash Your Ambition Series

    LeNae Goolsby, along with 22 other influential people reveal how you can achieve much success in both entrepreneurship while being a homeschool parent without experiencing overwhelm or burnout.


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    Resiliency Coach

    Special Holiday Episode Thanksgiving Part 3 of 3 (11/2022)

    People talk of their difficulties, struggles, and the processes and tools they've used to be able to get through them and heal from these challenges. You are not alone, listen to the stories of people who have been where you are and can relate to what you're going through.



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    News for the Soul Radio

    Interview by Nicole Whitney

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    Power of Women - New Orleans, LA

    Saving Face: How to Give and Receive Constructive Feedback - An Empowered Perspective

    Here LeNae speaks to the awesome and amazing POWER Women of New Orleans about what's really going on when entrepreneurial women find themselves on both the giving and the receiving end of constructive feedback.


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    The Donna Seebo Show

    Empowered Medicine: Harnessing the Infinite Laws of the Universe for Optimized Health – Trip & LeNae Goolsby
    September 17 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am PDT 

    Times are a changing and in a big way on so many levels, including the world of medicine and using an attitude of prevention instead of waiting for painful symptoms to show up. Have you heard of patient centric healthcare? If not, you’ll be hearing more of this type of procedure as more and more people seek out prevention care to stay strong and healthy.

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    All Business Media FM

    Listen as LeNae shares her personal story, how and why she and Trip Goolsby, MD founded Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Centers, and how she helps people across the nation take their power back.

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    Powerful You Learning Center

    "Three Ways to Identify Areas Where We May Have Personal Power Leaks and the Three Ways to Seal Those Leaks for Good."

    In a very special offering specifically for Powerful You subscribers LeNae discusses three areas where we may be unknowingly giving our power away, as well as three easy breezy tips to sealing those leaks for good.

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    Festigals 2018

    Listen to Your Body Talk

    With two other inspiring leaders in New Orleans' wellness industry, LeNae discusses what integrative medicine is, why it's what people are turning to now, and why we should all start taking an ownership interest in our health and of course take our health power back.

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    12 Ways to Automate Your Business and Boost Efficiency - With the right systems, you can maximize efficiency and profits.

    A member of The Oracles, "A brain trust of high-level entrepreneurs," LeNae shares her perspective on how to automate your business and boost efficiency.


    Empower, educate, and outsource. Having a team that takes ownership of your business is paramount. Set clear policies and procedures, and encourage their input. Educate your team by providing supportive, ongoing mentorship coupled with knowledge assessments via the Socratic method (which focuses on asking questions instead of providing answers).

    Then, outsource the necessities with trusted experts in areas like marketing, sales, billing, collections, bookkeeping, and incoming calls. This keeps the business running. LeNae Goolsby, cofounder of Infinite Health and founder of Empowered Medicine TV


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    11 Ways to Stay Motivated, According to Highly Successful Business People

    A member of The Oracles, "A brain trust of high-level entrepreneurs," LeNae shares her perspective on how to stay motivated.


    Clarity of purpose. The second habit of “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” is to “begin with the end in mind.” By asking myself three questions daily, I’m reminded of my purpose and ultimate endgame: “One, what do I want? Two, why do I want it? Three, what am I willing to change today to receive it?”


    Clarity of purpose (What do I want?) fueled by passion (Why do I want it?) is imperative for honing and refining the self-discipline (What am I willing to change today to receive it?) necessary to persevere in building a successful business.

    LeNae Goolsby, co-founder of Infinite Health and founder of Empowered Medicine TV


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    KPLC Channel 7 - Southwest Louisiana

    Infinite Health Intention Board Workshop

    Olivia Videl with KPLC interviews LeNae about her Infinite Health Intention Board Workshops, and the what, the why and the how setting intentions helps us gain clarity for the goals we desire.

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    3 Powerful Tips to Keep Shame from Taking Over Your Life

    by LeNae Goolsby

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    Passionate Talk

    Episode 41: The 4 Pillars of Health

    Today's conversation is with LeNae Goolsby. In addition to LeNae's role as Practice Administrator for Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, she is a Personal Power Activator, Public Speaker, Author & regularly featured expert for as seen in Entrepreneur.com, MindBodyGreen.com, and others. Her mission is to help those who feel disempowered or victimized that they are in fact very much in power and capable of being the victor of their life experience, should they so choose to take their power back. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW

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    Interview by Bonnie Bruderer, Founder of Binge Networks.TV

    An Empowered Perspective

    LeNae has been interviewed a couple of times by Binge Networks. TV's Founder and CEO, Bonnie Bruderer. LeNae discusses how and why she became an empowerment life coach after choosing not to take the revenge on those who she blamed for one of the most difficult periods in her life.


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    This One Question Saved My Marriage, by LeNae Goolsby

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    The Good Men Project

    Understanding ‘Parental Intuition’ and Why We Need to Trust it More - by LeNae Goolsby

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    Featured Expert

    The following articles by LeNae are available on YourTango.com Click the titles to read each one in full.


    - The Way To Change The World For The Better Is By Saving YOURSELF​ - YOU are strong enough to change the world!


    The Deep Reason We Have 'Parental Intuition' — And Why We Need To Trust It MORE - Tune in to your kids. How To Deal With The Profound Guilt Of Being A Working Mom - Ask yourself this, ladies... How Hanging Onto The FANTASY of Your Ex Keeps You From REAL Love - Stop romanticizing the one who broke your heart.
    - Your Past May Remind You, But It Should NEVER Define You - Free will has always been yours — and now is the time to take it back!
    - When Your Mom Is A Bully - It's time to look out for your own best interests.
    - The Only Way STOP The Hate Is To TRULY Love Yourself First -In a world of violence, LOVE WINS. Every. Single. Time.
    - 3 Powerful Ways To Keep Shame From Controlling Your Life - Let those ugly thoughts out and pull some happy thoughts IN!
    - 3 Steps To Letting Go And Letting Love In -Choosing to forgive another is an act of self-love and is a matter of choice.
    - You Are Worth The Love - We are not our mistakes. What we are worth the love.
    - Do You Want To Be Happy Or Do You Want To Be Right? - It is about communicating NOT winning the argument—talk it through.
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    Binge Networks.TV

    Empowered Living with LeNae

    Here LeNae hosts Empowered Living with LeNae, where she dives into topics related to spirituality, empowerment, and power abdication. LeNae also interviews various entrepreneurs and thought leaders in and around the New Orleans area.


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    The Way of Conscious Mindfulness

    Series 2: Episode 22: The Way Of LeNae Goolsby- Cultivating Calm from Chaos, Shifting Perspectives, Empowered Medicine

    Streamed live on Jul 13, 2017

    Here LeNae discusses how learned to cultivate the calm from the chaos, the power of shifting our perspective, as well as her and Trip Goolsby, MD's soon to be released book, Empowered Medicine: Harnessing the Laws of the Universe for Optimized Health.



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    28 Entrepreneurs Reveal What Entrepreneurship Means to Them

    Inner-motivated, Willing & Able to Cultivate & Integrate - To me, successful entrepreneurship is the result of being inner-motivated, willing, and able to cultivate and then integrate an empassioned vision into inspired action to the point where what once was a dream is transitioned into a contributing, profitable, realized venture. This is exactly the process I go through when taking the idea/dream for a business into a realized effort. For example, Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center became an idea that was birthed when it became clear that the former practice model, a single-physician community medical oncology practice was no longer financially tenable. In an effort to adjust the sails (another required entrepreneurial skill), we transitioned our oncology practice into what is now a successful and ever-expanding integrative health center. Additionally, as an intuitive empowerment life coach, this same entrepreneurial process, if you will, is what I implemented when taking the seed of an idea to coach others to reclaim their power into what is now a viable practice with a global reach.



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