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I've Become Disaffected.

· depression,anxiety,stress,fatigue,hormones

I received an email from Cara of The Champagne Diet - whom I adore. In it she listed all the amazing accomplishments she achieved in 2017, as well as all the second-guessing, self-doubt, tears and fears she overcame in the process.

Recently, I hit a slump – I am actually still in it. I feel like I have lost my energy, any modicum of joy, and quite frankly have felt like everything I have done this year has been about as effective, productive and profitable as buying Powerball tickets.

Like every other doctor's worst nightmare patient, I decided to surf Web.MD to see if I could find a diagnosis for my disaffected symptoms, and came up with the self-diagnosing of having some sort of high-functioning peri-menopausal depression.

Trip, the Hubs, MD, took a more educated and clinical approach and determined that I have a moderate hormonal imbalance. Accordingly, he started me on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and prescribed nutraceuticals.

While addressing my disaffected mood on the physical level is clearly imperative, I recognize that my maladies need to be tended to on the mental and spiritual levels, as well. My mindset seems skewed, which, at the root, means my soul is also out of balance.

Back to the email. After reading and resonating with Cara's words, I thought maybe, in an effort to shift my whacked out perspective, it would be helpful to actually list all the things I accomplished in 2017.

So, in 2017…

Honestly, I look at this and I think no wonder why I am so freaking exhausted.

But there is much I still want to accomplish. For example, in 2018, I will be published in two different anthologies. I intend to launch the Empowered Medicine Master Class, which is looking like it will be a 6-month online coaching program with all kinds of value. I will begin working on another program designed to help MDs, NPs, PAs, DOs, and Chiropractors successfully launch an integrative practice from the idea up. I want to transition Empowered Living with LeNae into Empowered Medicine TV and bring on awesome and amazing people who are changing the status quo in America’s health care, but I still need to figure out how to best monetize that effort. I will be launching Empowered Living Brands, an online e-commerce site. I have my sights on doing some recon into a third Infinite Health location. And, I may or may not write another Seven Sundays To___________________ book.

While there is much I want to do, much I am responsible for whether I want to do it or not, what I have not been doing nearly enough is having fun. Not really. I have not painted a thing in months, I barely make time to get my nails done, I have not been practicing the ode to self-love that I preach.

So, gosh darn it, I endeavor to cut myself some slack, make the time to do what I love, such as painting; release what isn’t working without self-condemnation, and continue to put forth my best efforts while simultaneously releasing attachment to outcomes. All the while taking care of my physical needs in accordance with my awesome and amazing health optimizing MD.

I'll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, tell me, what awesome and amazing things have you actually accomplished this year? Have you honored yourself in the process? And if so, how? And if not, how will you endeavor to do so going forward?