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Empowered Medicine: Harnessing the infinite laws of the universe for optimized health now available on at all major booksellers

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October 2017

Health and wellness expert duo, Trip Goolsby, MD and LeNae Goolsby, JD recently launched their book, “Empowered Medicine.” Empowered Medicine is medical motivational mindfulness. It is written as a guideline to transformation for all those who may (or may not) recognize the role they can have in creating the health they truly desire, regardless of the health they may be currently experiencing.

“Reading and using the exercises provided in Empowered Medicine will usher in enhanced abilities to focus on desired outcomes and the means by which to attain them,” stated Trip Goolsby, MD, the Co-author and Founder/CEO of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, a boutique integrative health practice with offices in New Orleans and Lake Charles, Louisiana. “This book will serve as a means by which we may all be empowered to not only achieve the health we desire, but to also activate our imaginations and beliefs to manifest the environment and trappings of that successful health image.”

The timely release of the guide on harnessing the infinite laws of the universe for optimized health is directly related to the growth in demand for consultations on mind transformation to help push past previously held limiting perceptions of health and fitness in order to truly step into optimized health and longevity.

About The Authors

Dr. Henry J. (“Trip”) Goolsby, III is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology, and is a Certified Elite Health/Age Management Provider. For over 30 years Dr. Trip has been setting the bar and leading the way providing patient-centric healthcare. Presently, patients from across the globe seek Dr. Trip out for his expertise in precision integrative health optimization and longevity medicine.

LeNae Goolsby, JD is the Practice Administrator/Director of New Business Development for Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, as well as the Founder/Owner of, where she provides intuitive life coaching services and energy healing services. She is also creator and host of Empowered Living with LeNae, a globally syndicated network channel dedicated to inspiring and empowering others to create a cultivate a life they love.


Contact information:

LeNae Goolsby

(T) 337-312-8234


For more information about the authors and Empowered Medicine visit

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