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From Molehills to Mountains

No one has to buy in to your drama trauma.

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So, it's the end of a good long day. I just finished working, my hubs just finished working (bless him, without having stopped to have a bite to eat until dinner). We decided to take the kids and go out for dinner.

Before I am halfway finished with my Moscow Mule, chit chatting with my kids about fidget spinners, I notice my hubs looking down, frowning at his phone.

When I ask him why he has such a look on his face, he informs me that a series of non-emergent work-related texts are blowing up his phone.

The mindless "intruder" on the other end has become mentally worked up and stressed out about an issue that is:

(a) neither life or death;

(b) neither urgent or important; and

(c) will not be resolved until the following day, at the earliest.

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She has chosen to create this huge drama-trauma because something was not managed according to her preferred specifications in her preferred timeline. She was inconvenienced. It's unfortunate but molehills may happen.

And when they happen, we can CHOOSE to look at them for what they are, take a moment and introspectively consider, "How does even this serve my highest good?"

Or, we can CHOOSE to turn them into some seemingly unsurmountable mountain, moan, groan and complain to everyone around us and/or within texting reach, so as to make sure everyone else becomes as uptight, stressed out, and as miserable as we are choosing to be (consciously or unconsciously, as the case may be).

If you continue to mindlessly engage in the latter, don't be surprised when those around you begin to create distance and impose boundaries.

Beautiful, just because you are skilled in creating mountains out of molehills doesn't mean anyone else has to buy in.