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You Should AWAYS Trust Your Intuition

Especially when you are a parent.

So, I’m wandering around the house at 3:45 a.m. because for some reason I could not for the life of me figure out why I was wide-awake.

I did not want to get on my laptop, I was not inspired to turn on the television in the living room, but I also did not want to toss and turn anymore in bed.

I looked down the hall towards the doors of my sons’ bedrooms. I should check on them, I thought. Why though, myself asked myself, they are asleep like they are supposed to be. But the pull to check on them outweighed the logic not to.

Son number one, yep fast asleep. For a moment I marvel at how cute he is, especially when he is sleeping. He is seven years old and still surrounds himself with his stuffed animals and his favorite blankie. I brush his hair out of his face and kiss his cheek before leaving his room.

I see a light shining in from under the closed door of son number two. I reach for the door knob, turn the handle, push open and the door and much to my surprise I see this child wide-eyed sitting up in bed with his tablet watching YouTube videos.

Needless to say he is now grounded for like a month from electronics…let’s see how long I last.

The point is, it was my intuition that gently guided me into his room in spite of the second-guessing, logical side of my brain.

I have hears amazing and miraculous stories from other parents who were so attuned to their intuition they just knew something was wrong with their child who was at school, or in another country, and because they acted on those vibes were able to save their child from some impending harm and avert some wild random disaster.

And that is how intuition works. It’s the first instinct, the pull of the gut when the energy feels off, and the pull of the heart when the energy is good.

Everyone is intuitive. And parents, especially, are particularly energetically connected to their children. This is especially why it is so vital to be aware, mindful, and attuned to those gut feelings, those “disturbances in the force.”

Most of us are just not attuned to the gentle tug, or whispers,

of our intuition.

Or, you may be like me, and find yourself engaged in a mental tug of war, where you have that initial thought instinct, but then begin to second-guessing ourselves, because by all means, we must be logical and practical, right?

Nah. When it comes to our children, it is always appropriate to attune our selves to our intuition, to know that the first instinct is there for a reason. What we all need to stop doing, including yours truly, is to second-guessing ourselves and start trusting ourselves more.