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Rejection is Just Redirection

In a Bad Disguise

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What may appear at first to be rejection is actually the Universe redirecting us to a path that is more congruent to our highest and best interest.

Today, in fact, I was "rejected." I'd reached out to advertise with what appeared to be an up and coming national publication with a focus towards a compatible demographic for me. I was advised, however, that they did not have an advertising package that "aligned" with the services that I offer.

I'd be a liar if I pretended that this "rejection" of who I am and the money I was offering in exchange for the ad, did not hurt my ego.

But, you know what? Bruised little ego aside, it's all good. My higher self knows that I am not a vibrational match to this particular publication, and I merely need to accept this as a redirection that will ultimately serve me. It may be that the money I would have invested here would have failed to yield a profitable ROI, and/or the investment would be better served in some other fashion.

It is my limited perspective that keeps me from immediately seeing the why. And that is okay, because it is my faith and my core belief that the Universe is set up to support me that allows me to relax into the bigger picture yet unrevealed.