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Releasing the guilt from Breaking Up.

· Divorce,Breakup,Guilt

An acquaintance lamented that she felt like the failure in her recent divorce. 

What many people do not realize is that we are all energy vibrating at various frequencies. At the time of meeting a mate, both parties are in the same frequency bandwidth, so to speak. 

But, when one person begins to raise (or lower, as the case may be) his/her frequency, and the other person does not rise or fall in alignment with him/her, the two are simply no longer aligned. 

This is not a bad thing, and it does not mean that one person failed or that the other person is to blame. It just means that the two are no longer a vibrational match. 

Each soul has his/her path and this is okay. No one is to blame, no one failed.

Each party is exactly where he/she is supposed to be.

Rather, we may consider the falling away of the other person as the catalyst required to allow the Universe to open its doors of love for you so that awesome and amazing events, opportunities and new relationships - even more wonderful than perhaps you can imagine in this moment, can come to you.

If you are going through a relational separation, all really is well, even if all evidence presently points to the contrary.


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